PhpStorm is an integrated project development environment designed for professional programmers and web developers. Developers have introduced many highlighting templates and open source editing options. The utility is suitable for operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux. You can download PhpStorm for free from the official version using the links on our page.

Main features

  • Smarty template editing support;
  • the ability to search and replace the entered unique code;
  • the user can perform automation using macros;
  • support for Phing providing auto add-on;
  • saving fragments of frequently used code is implemented using snippets, that is, headers;
  • duplicate code detector;
  • PHPDoc support;
  • duplicate code detector;
  • possible use of different keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency;
  • recognition of code packed in PHAR archives;
  • support for code formatting standards such as: PSR1/PSR12, Drupal, Symfony2, Zend.

Installing of the program

Follow the link on this page and download the program for free. The installation file will be displayed in the downloads folder. If you click on the icon, the automatic installation of the program will begin. After the program is fully installed, its shortcut will appear on the desktop.

Testing the IDE

  1. PhpStorm is able to perform excellent integration with PHPUnit;
  2. PHP IDE extends the integration capabilities and uses it to collect all the information that needs to be provided in the project;
  3. PHPUnit makes working with outgoing data more convenient and allows for faster testing speed.

Main plugins

BitrixStorm is a plugin that simplifies project navigation. After installing BitrixStorm, you need to specify the directory of the project template. After that, quick transitions to the components and templates of the project will be available.

  • CodeGlance is a plugin that adds a minimap for a file.
  • RegexpTester allows you to check the operation of regulators.
  • PHP Advanced AutoComplete will allow you to add an autocomplete for a number of functions.


So, having dealt with the functionality of the application, we can conclude that:

  1. PhpStorm can be downloaded quickly and for free;
  2. the functionality allows you to comfortably use the proposed resources;
  3. using the development environment, you can easily create and edit codes in projects.